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Trees enhance curb appeal

Home maintenance often starts from the inside and moves outward. When you have covered your bases regarding your home maintenance, don’t forget to take care of your masterpiece’s frame: the yard.

Old, mature landscapes are often looked upon as something most homeowners will never attain. Keep in mind those yards were once small with spindly trees and immature landscape beds with a thin grass border. Patience is the main ingredient to enjoying a mature landscape. Proper spacing of plant material and smart plant choices will bring out the best of your house’s exterior and interior.

While most of us do not have expansive acreage to devote towards planting majestic groves of oak or pine trees, we do have enough room to add a few special features. Unique trees are plentiful in local nurseries, and the right mix in your yard will reward you in the years to come.

Planting the right mix of trees and plants can provide:

  • Shade
  • Privacy
  • Structure/depth
  • Road noise reduction
  • Beauty 

Considerations you should take when selecting trees for your front yard are: 

  • Size at maturity
  • Water needs
  • Insect/disease tolerance
  • Unique features (distinct flowers, bark, leaf, color, thorns/fruit)
  • Hot and cold weather tolerance

As a final step, refer to the other articles on our website for proper maintenance and other aspects of tree care.

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