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Tree watering tips

The Metro District’s Forestry staff has developed the following tree watering tips during dry conditions:   

  • Deeply and slowly hand-water your trees to a depth of twelve inches within the drip line of your trees.  As a general rule, apply ten gallons of water per each diameter inch of the tree, measured at four and one half feet above the ground.
  • Winter watering from October through March requires watering one to two times per month, depending on weather, temperature and soil conditions.
  • Spring and summer watering from April through September, requires watering three to four times per month depending on weather and watering restrictions.
  • Mulch helps to conserve soil moisture, so apply organic mulch at a depth of four inches around the root zone of trees.  Mulch materials may include wood chips, bark leaves an evergreen needles.
  • Maintain consistent moisture to your trees.  Drought stressed trees are more vulnerable to insect and disease infestations.

Hand watering trees during dry conditions will pay great rewards for your landscape.  To learn more about caring for trees during dry conditions, email info@highlandsranch.org


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