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Temporary Sign Rules

The Metro District is responsible for maintaining attractive, uniform landscapes throughout Highlands Ranch. Temporary sign placement guidelines help preserve the quality of these landscapes, and assure that signs do not become a nuisance or a dangerous distraction along roads and at intersections.

The goal is reduce sign clutter on arterial landscapes while allowing residents the opportunity to advertise private and community events through the use of temporary signs. These rules apply to all properties managed by Highlands Ranch Metro District and the adjacent road rights-of-way. Temporary signs are any and all signs that are not permanently installed.

These Rules are in addition to sign rules contained in the Highlands Ranch Development Guide and the Douglas County Sign Code.

Temporary Sign Categories

  1. Non Commercial – Temporary signs for community/private citizen events are permitted so long as they comply with these Rules.
  2. Commercial Temporary Signs – Advertising the sales of goods and services by businesses, are prohibited on property managed by the District and adjacent rights-of-way.

Placement of ALL temporary signs must comply with the following Rules

  1. All temporary signs may be placed on landscaped areas or near sidewalks as long as they are not compromising the safety of pedestrians or motorists. Temporary signs of any kind are prohibited on medians.
  2. Temporary signs cannot be placed within 150 feet of road intersections of four lanes to four lanes, and four lanes to six lanes.
  3. All temporary signs must be free standing. Signs cannot be staked into the ground or attached to trees, light poles, traffic signals and signs, utility boxes, fences or other fixed objects.
  4. Any sign which compromises public safety, is damaging or has the potential to damage public property is not permitted.
  5. Temporary signs shall be maintained in a state of good repair, and free from deterioration at all times. Any sign that is damaged, tattered, faded, or worn may be removed by the District.
  6. Temporary signs in parks and open space are prohibited except for signs that are associated with a permitted event and are approved as part of the event permitting process. Examples of temporary signs that are associated with a permitted park event could include; event schedule, directional signs, sponsors signs, parking signs etc.

Duration of Placement

  1. For one day events, temporary signs may be placed the day before the event and must be removed the day after the event before sunset.
  2. For multi-day events, temporary signs may be placed the day before the start of the event and must be removed the day after the event before sunset. In no case may any temporary signs be placed for more than five (5) total days for the same event regardless of the length of the event.
  3. For the purposes of these rules, elections are considered multi-day events that begin on the day that ballots are mailed and end on the day of the election

Sizes of Signs are Limited to the Following

A maximum of 2 feet by 3 feet.

Enforcement of Sign Rules

The District may remove and dispose of any signs that violate these Rules. Any person or group that violates these Rules may be prohibited from placing signs on District property and/or from using the Community Sign board in the future. All Highlands Ranch Metro District Rules are enforceable as authorized in Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) 18-9-117.

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