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Roads & Traffic Signal Installation

Who designs and builds roads in Highlands Ranch?

The Metro District is responsible for the design and construction of all four and six-lane arterial roads in Highlands Ranch. The Highlands Ranch Development Plan and the Metro District’s transportation study have determined the location and width of these roads. Residential roads are designed and built by the community developer.

Who maintains these roads?

Douglas County Public Works is responsible for maintenance operations such as snow plowing, street sweeping, striping and signage. They are also responsible for roadway repairs after the completion of a two-year warranty period.

Each year, Douglas County Public Works implements a maintenance program which may involve road repair, patching and repairing. For more information about Douglas County public works projects, please call 303-660-7490 or visit www.douglas.co.us.

To learn about the road projects planned in Highlands Ranch, please visit www.douglas.co.us/engineering/highlands-ranch-road-improvements.


CDOT Traffic Cameras Show Local Intersections

Traffic cameras in Highlands Ranch and northern Douglas County are now featured on the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) website.  Click here to view cameras at 33 intersections:  www.cotrip.org/device.htm

Traffic Signal Installation

Traffic signals are designed and built at intersections in Highlands Ranch that meet criteria adopted by the Metro District. These criteria follow national standards set forth by the Federal Highway Administration. The most important function of the signal is to improve the overall operation of an intersection.
The Metro District annually reviews locations in the fall to determine if intersections are eligible for a traffic signal. Designated intersections are designed and/or built the following year.

If you have a question about an intersection, please contact Forrest Dykstra at 303-791-0430, or by email fdykstra@highlandsranch.org.

Upon their completion, new signals are owned and operated by Douglas County Traffic Engineering Services. Inquiries regarding the operation of a signal can be directed to Douglas County Traffic Engineering Services at 303-660-7490, or traffic signal problems and other feedback can be submitted to Douglas County at traffic@douglas.co.us.


Frequently Asked Traffic Questions

Who do I contact regarding stop signs?
Douglas County is responsible for stop signs and all other traffic signs. For more information, please call 303-660-7490 or visit their website at http://wwwdouglas.co.us/road-work/traffic/


Who do I contact if a traffic signal malfunctions?

If you see an inoperable signal, please call 911. If it is a non-emergency, contact Douglas County at 303-660-7490, or at traffic@douglas.co.us.

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