Snow Removal

Metro District staff plows snow along 150 miles of trails and sidewalks adjacent to major roads in the community. Douglas County is responsible for plowing snow along our streets.

Snow Removal Priorities

  • Essential Metro District buildings
  • Sidewalks and hard surface trails
  • Parking lots at community and neighborhood parks

Homeowner Responsibilities

  • Snow removal is required within 24 hours after the snow has fallen.
  • Remove snow from sidewalks bordering your home.
  • Remove snow around mail boxes and fire hydrants if present.

Service Guidelines

1. Snow depth – Metro District staff will begin plowing when three inches of snow has accumulated. If there is less than three inches or site conditions are unsafe, the snow crew coordinator will determine the need to remove snow based on weather forecasts and site conditions.
2. Follow-up – Follow-up will occur on consecutive days after a snowfall to ensure safe passage. Ice melt or sand will be applied as needed.

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