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Land Use Rules & Native Habitat

Natural open space areas in Highlands Ranch are comprised of a short grass prairie environment. The Metro District strives to manage these areas as a healthy habitat with little human impact. This means native plants like wildflowers, cottonwood trees and prairie grasses should flourish while invasive plants like Russian-olives and noxious weeds like Purple Loosestrife, are controlled. Homeowners play a role in mosquito population control by limiting areas of standing water in their landscape, while Metro District staff regularly treats water in the natural open space areas to control the mosquito larvae population.


The natural open space areas in Highlands Ranch are populated with beautiful wildflowers of all colors, textures, shapes and sizes. The link below features wildflowers that bloom in Highlands Ranch.

Spring & Summer Blooming Wildflowers

More information about wildflowers is available through wildflower walks presented in the spring and summer through the Metro District’s Nature EdVentures program.

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