Have You Lost Items in the Parks?

If you’ve lost an item in a Metro District park, there’s a chance we’re holding it in our lost and found. To find out if we have your item, please call the Metro District Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Service Center at 303-791-2710. Give us a detailed description of the item and we’ll check to see if we have it. If we have an item that matches the description, you are welcome to visit our office at the west end of Redstone Park, to view it and claim it if it’s yours. This office is open weekdays from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. We hold all items for at least 30 days before donating them to local charities.

In addition, if Douglas County Sheriff’s Deputies or Community Safety Volunteers spot an abandoned bicycle, they take it to the DCSO’s Evidence and Property Room. The bicycles are stored there for about a month and then turned over to the Douglas Elbert Task Force, a non-profit organization that sells them and uses the funds to help the homeless.  So, before you file a theft report or give up on every seeing your child’s bike again, please first check with the DCSO Evidence and Property Room! Call 303-660-7558 and describe the missing bicycle.

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