The Finance & Administration department is chartered to provide support functions for both the Highlands Ranch Metro District and Centennial Water & Sanitation District.

The support functions performed include: accounting, payroll, treasury, financial reporting, budgeting, utility customer service, information technology, and office services and support.

Our Mission

To provide friendly and efficient service and timely dissemination of information to those who count on us for support: colleagues; residents; contractors and vendors, while maintaining the integrity and quality standards necessary to protect our resources.

In order to use the Metro District and Centennial Water’s resources wisely we will be:


Respect the resources we are entrusted with by the board of directors on behalf of the community we serve.
Respect our customers, our vendors, and our partners in all of our dealings.


Endeavor to provide point of call resolution; when not possible we will provide a realistic time frame of resolution.
Provide reliable contact information in order to expedite the resolution.
Provide stakeholders with timely financial reporting.


Endeavor to provide innovative solutions.
Use current technology to allow for speedy, pertinent, user friendly information for our customers and stakeholders.


Establish and promote an environment that facilitates mutually beneficial collaboration between all departments in both Districts.


Maintain a culture that fosters open and honest communication.
Monitor internal control procedures to ensure that they:

1. protect resources against waste, fraud, and inefficiency
2. ensure accuracy and reliability in the accounting and operating data
3. secure compliance with the policies of the organization
4. constructive in evaluating the level of performance of all organizational
units of the organization

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