The Metro District Board of Directors

The Metro District Board of Directors represents constituents throughout this community of 96,000 people.

Jim Worley, Chair Email
Vicky Starkey, Vice Chair Email
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Several Regions Comprise Board

The Highlands Ranch Metro District is the elected local government in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Seven Metro District Board members represent the whole community, not their district.  They collaborate with other service providers to ensure Highlands Ranch continues to be a great place to live and work.

View a map showing the seven Metro District regions in Highlands Ranch.

Metro District Board Meetings are held the last Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. at the Hendrick Office Building, 62 Plaza Drive, Highlands Ranch. The public is invited to attend.

Board Member Eligibility

Board members must live in or own property in the District which they serve. Elections are held in even-numbered years and elected seats are for four-year terms. The next election of directors will be held in May 2020.

Board Member Responsibilities

Metro District Board members’ responsibilities include representing the people of Highlands Ranch, setting policy and directing the Metro District’s staff in a number of areas including: budget preparation, maintenance of roadway landscaping, parks and open space, provision of fire protection, construction of storm drainage facilities and major roadways including adjacent landscaping, street lights and traffic signals, construction and management of parks, open space and trail systems and outdoor recreation programming.

If you have questions, please email the individual board members at the links shown on the Local Government page, send an email to the Metro District at Information Please.

Board elections are held in May of even numbered years.  Click here to learn about elections.

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