Highlands Ranch Outdoors scavenger hunt

The Metro District challenges you and your family to discover the great outdoor amenities throughout our community this year with a fun scavenger hunt. Snap photos while you’re out discovering new places and when you post them to social media, add the hashtag #DiscoverHighlandsRanch.

Location #1
I am the magnificent building that is more than 120 years old and the root of our community’s heritage.

Hint: Some say I look like a castle.
Location #7
Grab the family and hunt down this incredible location. Here you will be welcome to a variety of activities including a skate park, tennis courts, batting cages, and a fishing ponds.

Hint: There is a color in the name of this lively location.

Location #2
I have tons of trees and a pond with lots of fish. Find me located next to the High Line Canal Trail.

Hint: The beginning of my name is something birds can do.
Location #8
Find the place located on the western part of Highlands Ranch that is perfect for fishing.

Hint: You will need to hop on the High Line Canal Trail west of Santa Fe Drive to find this tucked away spot.
Location #3
I have many vegetables and many plants. Mother Nature helps me grow. Your green thumb helps me bloom. Come on let’s go!

Hint: You can find me near Foothills Park.
Location #9
The name of this location is a tool used to create art on a canvas. Solve the riddle to discover the name of the park.

Hint: This park is unique for having bocce ball and horseshoe courts.
Location #4
I have many flowers and many fish. Look for my wooden windmill and enjoy the natural surroundings.

Hint: My name begins with something mixed with macaroni and ends with a dressing used with carrots.
Location #10
My name begins with a color and ends with what a dog wags. What am I?

Hint: I am a park that launches you toward Highlands Point.
Location #5
I’m the park that has three huge, red towers in the middle of it.

Hint: This park has the same name as an urban park in New York City.
Location #11
I offer a skate park and pickleball courts for the community. Find me and have a blast!

Hint: I am a location that distributes millions of gallons of water to the community.
Location #6
I’m the park with two fountain splash pads, a playground and an amphitheater.

Hint: There is a color in the name of this location.


Still stumped?

Click here for scavenger hunt answers.

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