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Current Project Updates

drop structureBig Dry Creek by Ashburn

This project involved the construction of two sculpted concrete drop structures. It was originally scheduled to start in early 2015 but due to permitting issues it was delayed until September. The project wrapped up in November 2015.

This spring additional wetlands grasses, shrubs and trees will be planted as part of the revegetation process.

Typically, the Metro District engages volunteers for this work. If you are interested in volunteering for a wetlands project, contact Kari Larese at klarese@highlandsranch.org.

This is a joint project with the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District (UDFCD). UDFCD managed the project.

Marcy Gulch West Tributary

The erosion below a historic stock pond is being repaired in March Gulch. In addition, a trail crossing that was washed out in 2014 is being restored. This project began in November 2015 and will be completed at the end of 2016.


For more information about current stormwater projects, contact Forrest Dykstra at 303-791-0430.

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