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The Highlands Ranch Metro District is committed to fostering and promoting responsible environmental stewardship in the community.


What We’re Doing to Conserve Resources

  • Our fleet includes two hybrid vehicles.
  • A no idle policy requires staff to turn off their vehicles when not being driven.
  • All mulch generated by the Forestry section is used in parks and parkway landscaping or given away free to homeowners.
  • We are transitioning all community holiday light displays to energy efficient LED lights.
  • Recycling containers are located in high-use parks throughout the community.
  • Waterless urinals are used at Falcon Park and Civic Green Park.
  • Solar powered locks and lights are used at park restrooms.
  • Organic waste bins placed at community gardens keep waste out of the landfill.
  • A fence replacement program replaces aging parkway fence with new Trex fence made of 50 percent recycled and reclaimed plastic and 50 percent reclaimed wood.
  • Reuse water is used to irrigate grass at Redstone Park.
  • The Metro District’s watering strategy helps conserve water used for outdoor irrigation.
  • Dog waste bag dispensers are made of recycled materials and dispense biodegradeable bags. In addition, the dispensers are serviced by a fleet of hybrid vehicles.

Helping You Go Green

The Metro District hosts a variety of events and programming to promote environmental stewardship in the community. These include:

  • Tree and limb recycling
  • Christmas tree recycling
  • Household hazardous materials collection
  • Water conservation workshops
  • Nature EdVenture programs

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