WASA Coed Adult Kickball Leagues

WASA Kickball


Get out and get active this spring and relive your grade school playground glory. As the signature WASA league, our kickball league sets the tone for every other league that we offer with a fun, laid back and social atmosphere, so anyone can come out and have a great time, regardless of ability. With some quirky rules, great sponsors and theme nights during the season, it’s impossible to take this stuff too seriously!

Haven’t played kickball since the 6th grade? That’s OK! We started our leagues to give adults the chance to relive the fun of recess, meet some new people, and just act like a kid again. Come see what 100 teams and more than 1,500 kickballers per season have already discovered, and experience what WASA is all about.

For more information please visit www.wasasports.com or email zach@wasasports.com.


An 8-week spring season will start April 20 with games on Thursday nights. Registration begins in late February. More information is available at  www.wasasports.com.



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