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Articles of Interest

A variety of information has been compiled here at your fingertips. From a list of the 100 best foods to eat for your body, a checklist to review when traveling internationally to the latest consumer alerts. Browse the articles below on topics from Alzheimer’s to Travel and everything in between. Click on the topic from the list below or scroll down the page to view all articles posted.

Consumer Alerts
Health and Fitness Articles
Social Security
Travel & Leisure
Other Articles of Interest


Taking Care of You
10 Tips for Traveling with Your Loved One Who Has Alzheimer’s Disease
Holidays and Alzheimer’s/Dementia
Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s
Safety with Wandering
Tips for Daily Life
Women & Alzheimer’s


Sandwiched Generation
Caregiving Advice
Family Caregiver Alliance
Caregiving (National Institute of Health)
Caregiving (AARP)

Consumer Alerts

CONSUMER ALERT – Filter Out Unwanted Telephone Calls
CONSUMER ALERT – Medicare Card Telemarketing Scam
CONSUMER ALERT – Robocalls – Legitimate or a Scam?
CONSUMER ALERT – Be Wary of Traveling Contractors This Spring

Health and Fitness

8 Medicines That Don’t Mix With Alcohol
10 tips to reduce the risk of foodborne illness
10 Must Have Gadgets for Caregivers
12 Best Foods for Arthritis
Be Active Adults
Caregiving and Respite Care
Depression is Not a Normal Part of Aging
Falls and Older Adults
Fit at 50, 60, 70 and beyond
Grapefruit Juice May Cause Prescription Drug Interaction
Healthy Aging Tips
Healthy Aging Tips – How to feel young and live life to the fullest
Home Modifications
Home Safety Checklist for Senior Adults
How to Create a Safer Home
Important Men’s Health Information
Liven Up Your Meals with Fruits & Veggies
Preventing Falls
Simple Steps to Aging Well
Stress! Don’t Let it Make You Sick
Tips for Healthy Eyes
Wired for Sound
Women’s Health
Aging Mental Health Resource Guide


Annual Wellness

Social Security

Social Security: Making Sense of Alphabet Soup

Travel & Leisure

Travel spending tips
Travel on a Fixed Budget

Other Articles of Interest

A Big Problem With Fill-in-the-Blank Wills
10 Steps to Living Your Best Life
Colorado facts for grandparents and other relatives raising children
Douglas County Emergency Preparedness Guide
7 Tips for Driver Safety (Mayo Clinic)
Age and Driving
Keep Driving Safely as You Age
Ageism in America
Seniors in the Workplace
Own Your Age – And Resist Ageism
Talking to Parents (or Talking to Your Children)
Paying for Your Hearing Aid
10 Ways to Protect Your Hearing
Knowing When to Give In or Take Over With Aging Parents
Delirium: A Surprising Side Effect of Hospital Stays
Who Will Provide Care for Childless Boomers?
How homesharing redefinies the meaning of roommates
Retirement Trends
New View of Retirement
It’s Your Move
Paying for Hearing Aids

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