Water Conservation

The Highlands Ranch Metro District maintains more than 485 acres of irrigated turf and landscaped areas in the community’s parks and parkways. We also care for more than 15,000 trees. We use approximately 6.3 percent of the community’s water. With the drought conditions this year we will continue to monitor our water usage carefully and implement water saving strategies whenever possible. Our goal is to stay within our water budget and preserve the community’s important landscape assets.

The Metro District implements a number of practices to conserve water in parks and on parkway landscaping throughout the community.

  • We monitor six local weather stations and make frequent adjustments based on current weather conditions. Different regions shut down when we receive adequate rainfall.
  • We operate within the same water budget as residential customers. This equates to 27 inches of water for landscape use.
  • We use 6.3 percent of the community’s allocated water budget for parks and parkway landscape irrigation.
  • We irrigate Redstone Park, our largest community park, with reuse water.
  • We have a highly-qualified staff with more than 135 years of combined experience. Four of our technicians are certified as water auditors by the Irrigation Association.
  • Water fountains at Civic Green Park recycle the water used.
  • We continue to replace and upgrade irrigation systems and sprinkler heads with new and more efficient equipment.


Report a Leak or Sprinkler Problem

To report a sprinkler or landscape problem that requires immediate attention, call the parks emergency pager at 303-634-8042, 24 hours a day.

For an emergency related to residential and commercial water or sewer service, please call 303-791-2185, ext. 545, 24 hours a day.

To report a landscape maintenance problem that does not require immediate attention, please call 303-791-2710.

For more information about the Metro District’s irrigation program, please call 303-791-2710.

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